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Empower SMEs with Efficient Finance

BYFIN helps SMEs unlock your working capital so that you can focus on what truly matters for your business

Invoice Discounting

How does it work

Step 1 Register

Create an account at BYFIN

Step 2 Upload

Upload your invoice and payment terms

Step 3 Advance

Review your invoice and
pays you max. 90% of your
invoice value minus one-off
fee upon approval

Step 4 Payout

Once BYFIN got paid by
your customer, BYFIN will
repay you the remaining
value of your invoice

Why Choose BYFIN

As the pioneer in digital financial services, we apply advanced blockchain technology in
our operations to make it much simpler and more efficient for our customers

Get cash right when
you need it
Manage cash flow To
maintain a positive working capital
Avoid taking in
addition debt
Have experts manage
your receivables
Offer payment flexibility to your clients
Allow growth for
your company

Parent Company

One of the world’s largest integrated online financial groups. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE: 8473). 6 subsidiary companies are listed in Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea.

Strategic Partner

A digital transaction platform managed by Rootant for enterprises to manage supply chain, finance and go green.