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Unsecured SME Loan

  BYFIN offers various unsecured business financing product to local SMEs. By understanding your business needs and operation module, a customised financing plan will be provided by our Product Specialist Team, to accelerate your business growth by unlocking your cashflow. Without traditional barriers, WE welcome all kinds of industries for application.

Business Revolving Loan 

Business Instalment Loan

Invoice Financing

Business Revolving Loan

Maximum approved loan amount up to HKD5,000,000 for new client

Flexible repayment plan, receive funding in ONE business day after credit approval

Tailored for high cashflow turnover industries – Construction, Import/Export, Textile Trading Company etc.

Business Instalment Loan

Customized repayment plan according to your cashflow forecast

Flexi repayment terms: from 6 to 24 months

Credit approval evaluated by your business revenue and cashflow forecast, regardless past revenue data.

Parent Company

One of the world’s largest integrated online financial groups. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE: 8473). 6 subsidiary companies are listed in Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea.

Strategic Partner

A digital transaction platform managed by Rootant for enterprises to manage supply chain, finance and go green.